At Alice McBlane’s The Hair Plus Studio we are always looking to create change and balance for people. We offer expertise in hair cutting, styling, colouring, highlighting services and permanent wave design. We encourage a consultation for all first time clients. Make it easy for yourself. Book your appointment now for a FREE colour consultation to suit your skin colour and a FREE hair design consultation. Let’s update your fashion style today to suit your needs. Call 519-977-8646. Let’s make this your last stop!


New and innovative styles, create a new look, update your image or simply get the look that you have structured to work for you.


Whether you want an entirely new colour look or a subtle change we will work with you to create or reconstruct the change that is best for you.


PERMS HAVE ADVANCED! Products are more superior than ever before. With perms, hair can look more natural, spiral, ringlets, textured, unstructured elegant, or classic curls. The products we use no longer limit hair fashion. We will work with you to create or reconstruct the change that is best for you.


We like to promote shining, healthy hair that moves. We offer a select range of intensive conditioning hair treatments designed to replenish naturally dry, dehydrated, sun damaged and chemically treated hair or keep hair in optimum condition. Free scalp and hair analysis available on request. Ask us how to control excess hair loss.


Photos of awesome hair styles